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Photo Caption Competition
August 2008

Photo: Matt Dolphin


"My mom warned me about magicians" - Julie Hope


"Wot a time to loose my false beak!" - Robert Hill

Bird-eating seed! - Keisha Pearce

"It's in there somewhere - my favourite soft centre". - Mike Skinner

"I know, I know. I was told what would happen. But how do I get it out?" - Derek Manton.

"The SatNav was spot-on again" - Ü Dave Whyte

" I've always wanted to be on You Tube" - Gillian Johns

"By Ďeck itís dark in Ďere" - Mark Newton

"If at first you donít suck seed..." - {;o{D}ave C 

"17, 18, 19, 20. Coming, ready or not." - Derek Manton.

"Is this a one for two offer?" - Pip

Have you heard of this new game Hide-n-Seed?" - Sandra M Taylor

"Must be one of those parallel universe trees they're always talking about" - Dale Newton

Up periscope." - Linda Fernandez

"Into the vortex - don't lose your head!" - Janet Stevens

"Cooooeeeeeeeeeeeeee Is any-one home?" - Anita M.

"Yoohoo anyone in there ?" - Emma Brown

"Hellooo - 'ellooo - looo - oo - o - - - - - Echo - cho - o - o - o" - Paul Franklin

"Hello? Helloooo!!!!" - Liz from Christchurch

"Is any one home?" - Lorraine M.

"Who says I've gone to seed!" - Pam Harding 

"I'll be there in a minute, honest." - Graham Hebron

Bob the bird was a complete nutter! He kept loosing his head under pressure. - Gareth Williams

Want food? Use your head ! - Neil J.

"After being eaten by birds for millennia, seed finally takes revenge!" - Simon. G

"They told me my Dad was an ostrich! But I can't find the sand." - Colin T.

"Oh! This is really gripping!" - Alan Challoner 

"Itís my birthday Ė Iím gonna eat my way through to the other side" - Valerie Falconer

"I may be a greenfinch, but, when it comes to environmental matters, I usually stick my head in the sand" - Robert Falconer

"YooHoo, darling........dinners on the table" - Dot Carter

"Now where's that sunflower seed to!" - Jonathan Porter

"Where am I in that mirror?" - John O.

"I must be nuts!" - Gabriel Mitchell

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