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Photo Caption Competition
September 2008


"Well, yes, I suppose my prayers are mostly fish-based" - Robert Falconer


"Now I lay me down to sleep, I thank the Lord I've got webbed feet." - Howard Otter

"I told him not to go to the Wild Wood." - Alan Challoner 

"Bravo! I say, these humans are so clever and talented and cute! Bravo!" - Kim

For those about to receive their daily fish... Letís have a big hand for the keeper! - Mark Newton

"I thought it was summer my hands are freezing" - Robert Pickett

"Well now children, if you're sitting comfortably, then I'll begin." - Richard Douglas-Green

"These black plastic gloves? Darling, they really do prevent work-a-day hands"- Elizabeth Wilkins

"Blame Global Warming Ė things are getting otter " - Valerie Falconer

"Global Warming? - Is it a little 'otter now?" - Allan Ellett

"Please god, after all this rain make me a little 'otter." - Les H.

"Perhaps I 'otter' get back to fishing, but this field is so relaxing!" - Lucille B.

"ooo cnt wait for my fusion of fish tonight, but then again posing for the camera means far less energy wasted!" - Emma Tapp

"For what I am about to receive may I be really thankful" - Ann Beirne

"For what we are about to recieve!" - Anita Milby

"For what we are about to receive..." - Anne Ward 

"Strewth!! that water was cold!!" - Neil J. 

"Prayer for the Day"- Ray Sherman

Paws for thought - Patricia Troop

"Amen" - James Dalley

"Amen" - Floris C.

"Let us prey" - Ann Noden

"Our Father, Which art in Heaven..." - Kitty

"Our Father which art in Heaven, Halibut be thy name" - {;o{D}ave C 

"May the force be with you Young Skywalker" - Dot

"Mmmmmmmmm......It's just a matter of waiting patiently." - Liz

"Please God, if your gonna make it rain can you make it rain Eels?" - Kev Coleman

"Oh please lord let me catch lots of fish today..." - Simon Duckworth

"And this months page 3 stunner is............Miss Otter" - Pam Harding 

"...and make me a good boy every day. Amen." - Don Smith

"Thank you for the food we eat......" - Jean McGoverne

"...and please let me catch a fish for supper - Amen" - Emma Brown

"Please lord keep him safe whilst fishing" - Kim Lambert

"Our Otter who art in heaven" - zecrich

"Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do, I'm half crazy......well, absolutely bonkers really" - Judith Barnard

"If I stay like this long enough, maybe people will think I'm plastic and stop taking photos of me to caption later" - Mike FM.

Giant otter sits on lady wearing long black gloves - Leigh Bosworth

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