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Photo Caption Competition
October 2008

Photo © Copyright 2008 Derek Barry


"You got any ID?" - Robert Pickett


"My bone better still be there!" - Gary Mason

"A fox cub appeared in a large hole today, a police dog is looking into it" - Steve Keir

"I don't WANT any double-glazing!" - Anne S.

"No Luke, I am your father." - Jamie B.

"Wait. Don't tell me.....You're a rabbit !" - Neil J.

"Will you come out sooty" - Steve Thomas

"Mum said I'm not allowed to play with the big boys." - Liz from Christchurch

"You're pretty big, but I've got an escape tunnel !!" - Lucille Allen

"Does this mean I'm not going to get a go at jumping the border fence into Switzerland on a motorbike?" - Phil Northall

"Honey Ė I shrunk the kids" - Julie Hope

"My word, it's Mini Me!" - Lorraine Maynard

"My what Big Eyes you have !!!!!" - j.pearman

"Now waddayoo going to do?" - Beryl Ladd

"Are you my Daddy" - Dot Carter

"Are you my daddy" - P.S. F.

"Hey,are you my dad?" - Michael S.

"Are you my takeaway?????? i asked for large" - Alan Ryalls

"Hey, I found where mum hides the cookies" - Mike FM

"Hi! I'm your new neighbour!" - Sarah Hambling.

"Come and have a go if you think your big enough" - Jon Porter

"Well come on in if you think you are hard enough!!" - Derek Manton.

"So what if your owner's got a JCB? Er, what's a JCB?" - Robert Falconer

Honestly, you can ignore me Ė Iím just a hand puppet - Valerie Falconer

"I know I'll kill you if we fight - I'll get stuck in your throat." - Leigh Bosworth

"Here's looking at you kid!" - Christian Harford

"Blimey, Mum, your gonna have to extend if thatís moving in !" - Jan H.

"So what your saying is, I am adopted" - zecrich

"I'm sorry but your ball is not down here - try badgers next door" - Brenda Tompkins

"Wonna come out and play..........dinner" - Jean M.

"Mein colleague Sigmund Freud vould have ze field day wiz zis!!" - Dave W.

"No he's not coming out to play! He's been a very naughty boy!" - Kev Coleman

"Oh God! I've left my reducing kit at home." - Alan Challoner 

"What do you mean 'Its not big enough for the bone'? How bigs the bone??" - Kev Coleman

"Basil was beginning to regret throwing cat food into the police dog compound" - David Birks

"Bones? Sorry chum, no bones down here!" - Errick Peterson

"Who you looking at then, haven't you never seen a truffle hunter before?" - Gillian Johns

"No do not worry I am not going to harm you. I have never been so close to a cat before. I am just out for my walk in the field. I must say you are a very good looking cat." - Gill F.

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