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Photo Caption Competition
November 2008

Photo © Copyright 2008 Mike Skinner


"OK, let’s get the 'toad-in-the-hole' captions out of the way!" - Robert Falconer


Rufus couldn't turn down the opportunity to employ the old 'toad in the hole' gag! - Danny Gill

"Can I help you?" - Lewis T.

"Fire in the hole!" - Pam Diamond

"My mate told me to try the tube" - Michael S.

"Will somebody hurry up and light the fuse" - Janice Whittington 

"All that digging and still in the shed!" - Jean Mc

"POOP' POOP'!" - Tony Chippendale

"Where's Ratty and Moley when you need them!?" - Errick Peterson

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here to..." - Gwilym Thomas

"Try our new gourmet sensation -- Canned Toad !" - Lucille B.

"Room for one!" - Colin Kirk

"New Miracle Grow, now with added Ribbit" - Mike FM

"It's no croak" - Steve T.

"Well that's not what I expected!" - Annabel Lever

"Yep, I visit all watering holes!" - Neil J.

'A rose by any other name' - Simon B.

"All set up for my morning power shower, then I'll be right as rain for those girly toadies!" - Alice (Bristol)

"It's not much of a pond but things are a bit tight at the moment" - Phil Northall 

"Launch Control, T minus 10. " Looks like I'm Kermitted. No backing out now. - Chris Cowle

It was a typical “You’ve Been Framed!” moment, as the toad jumped out and Little Jeremy got covered in water - Valerie Falconer

"Oh I do hope they’ve put the safety net out" - John P Baker

"Five, four, three, two..." - Tony Wright

"I am all for creating homes for wildlife, but there is not room to swing a tadpole in here!" - Bonny Leon

"Operation Toadscanfly is ready to begin captain! Over." 3, 2, 1, FIRE! - Maisie

"Ready... Aim... FIRE!!!" - Julie Rees

"Someone shouted, say cheese, Big flash, here I am..." - alan ryalls

"Up the spout! Down the spout! What's the difference?" - Alan Challoner

A whole new meaning to "Toad in a hole" - Sarah Hambling

Toad in the hole - June Crawford

Toad in the Hole - Peter Radford

Toad in the Hole! - Rachel Baxter

Toad in a hole! - Teresa Armstrong

"Toad in the hole, anyone?" - Stephanie Wienrich

"Is this a toad in the hole?" - SteveK

... and this was the original 'Toad in the Hole' - Linda Fernandez

"Whats for tea mum? What do you mean ;Toad in the hole!!" - Heather W.

"Who ordered toad in the hole?" - Rosie Ogden

"Ain't you ever heard of toad in the hole" - Robert Pickett

Looks like toad in the hole tonight - Phil Friday

"Haven't you ever seen a 'toad in the hole' before?" - Nicky Titchmarsh

"Oh no. Not another toad-in-the-hole joke!" - Derek Manton.

"Does this watering can make my butt look big?" - Adam Pearce

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Anne H.

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Britney D.

"You can run and you can hide, but you CANT get out." - Diana Iskandar

"I hopen this isn`t a watering can-non!" - Mike Ponting

"...and finally for your amusement Fearless Kermit will be shot from this canon into the pond." - Richard Mitchell 

"Someone’s gotta come along with a pool of water for me to dive into before long." - Jan H.

"I said DON'T kiss me now!" - Deirdre H.

"Aye, aye!" - Gregory H.

"Oh No! There must be at least a gallon of water in this watering can, And I think I am going to be the first Frog in history to experience involuntary colonic irrigation!" - Curtis Wright

"I'm a celebrity, get me out of here!" - Steve Keir

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