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Photo Caption Competition
December 2008

Photo © Copyright 2008 Tony Margiocchi


''You called?'' - Ciaran C.


"Come on then if you think your big enough." - roy hancock. 

"Drat that pesky seagull!" - Anne Ward

"I can do James Cagney too - You dirty rat!" - Phil Northall

"Monty keep your eyes peeled they dont call Rommel the Desert fox without reason." - Will

"All I want for Christmas is YOU!" - Deborah

"Can you see my nuts?" - Bevs from Horton Heath

The Tyrannosaurus Rex special effects on Jurassic Park 4 fooled nobody - Robert Falconer 

"Oi what are you looking at.. come on then, put 'em up!" - Candida Fernandes

"Tonight, Matthew, I’m going to be a mantis" - Valerie Falconer

"Wild Gerbil? He looks ****ing livid to me!!" - Victor Bethell

"I just need to get some holly and my Christmas decorations will be complete" - Ann

"I'm a gerbil - get me out of here!" - Linda F.

"Hey come out ere margret the squirrels are fighting again" - Jack Dean

"Oh yeah, Who says so? Put em up, Put em up!!" - Ray Edworthy

"Where’s my fez gone - Just like that" - Julie H.

"As Gavin looked out into the distance he dreamt of a magically wonderous place...where he didn't have quite so microscoptic paws." - Amy H.

"I know there's cut backs... but No Holly in "The Holly & the Ivy" it just isn't Christmas!!" - Pam Harding 

"I hate these outside toilets this weather" - Robert Pickett

"This is my pad, now push off !" - Neil J.

"Yip gang, the coast is clear, let's move out!" - Lewis T.

"Look, it may look like an old tree trunk to you,but its home to me..capeesh" - Mike P.

"Oh no, not you again!" - Barry Donaldson

"I'd be nuts to keep them in the bank, wouldn't I?" - GIllian J.

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