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Photo Caption Competition
January 2009


''That flaming dating agency, I said a bird with a PLEASANT personality" - John P Baker


"Sorry, did you say something? Miles away." Glenn Hampson

"Bad hair day?" - Val C.

"My beaks bigger than yours!" - David Liddle

"My place or yours?" - Debbie E.

"Allo Darlin" - Helen Plant

"This is the way they are being worn this Season!
" - Anne Ward

"No, barman, I definitely ordered a Famous Grouse" - Robert Falconer 

"Raven lunatic" - Linda F.

"You must be raven mad if you think I'm going out with you" - Leisha

"Well they do say that opposite's attract!" - Graham Smith

"Oh, dear! Did you say that I am edible?" - Sarah Padwick

"So you single then?" - Steve Harris

"What do you mean, “Tell me a joke”? I’m Jack Daw, not Dee." - Valérie Falconer

"Are you my mammy?" - Mike P.

"The Force be with you, Lord Raven" - Ges Ferguson

"How's the Mrs.?" - Clare, Manchester

"Who ruffled your feathers?" - Glen S.

"Well you see, there was this big bucket of black paint............!" - Neil J.

"So Baldrick; you have a cunning plan!" - Tony Chippendale

"I say old chap, my Dad's bigger than your Dad! So be on your way." - Ron Robinson 

"Here's looking at you chick!" - Lucy Allen

"The Fortune Teller said watch out for a tall dark stranger" - Peter Radford

"you can only come in the club if you've got some i.d" - Jack Dean

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb..." - Sarena D.

"Wit You Wantin" - Ciaran Cunningham

"Can I baby sit your chicks?" - Christina

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