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Photo Caption Competition
February 2009


"If he says FETCH one more time..." - John Essex


"The kids wanted a dog but I was the cheaper option!" - John P Baker

"This will go into the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest and best nest of all time - see if it doesn't!" - Sarah Padwick

"If you want a job doing..." - Liz from Christchurch

"I think we're going to need a big nest this year!" - Neil J.

"I hate relay races, really hate them" - Dot C.

"If they throw that stick one more time..." - Dot C.

"What? - If I'm a man's best friend we all get more bread!" - Hollie Griffith

"Did someone shout fetch?" - Heather W.

"Well they say size counts!" - Elizabeth Fryer

"I'll be glad when his damn dog gets back from the vet!" - John B.

"Baywatch, here I come! Final part of lifeguard training sucessfully completed." - Annie Ozanne

"....If poseidon loses his trident one more time...." - Alice Bennett-West

"Look what I've got. Isn't it coot!" - Chris High

"If this thing doesn't keep the nest afloat, nothing will." - Mike Skinner

"Well the wife told me to shop with a local branch!" - Angela Dolan

"and the wife said I can never stick at anything!" - Andrew Davidson

"Wow! This stick insect will feed the family for months." - Susan Miller

"Guess what? I've got a new job as branch manager at Coutts!" - Judith Barnard

"While most banks are in trouble Coutts is branching out" - Phil Northall

Title “Coots Bank” may I offer you a life SAVING branch Mr Brown? - Maggi Kent

"Coutts, branches everywhere" - Peterk

"I'll teach that darn beaver to mess with my pond. Ha!" - Mike P.

"Wow, I could make 2 bedroomed nest with this" - Mrs Cindy Hall

"Well she wanted a bigger nest this year" - Pam Harding 

"Just fetch me that twig for the nest dear, she said". - Tony Butler

"You can't get the builders any more!" - Jean Mc

" I have caught tea mum, the biggest worm ever" - Kat Butler

Coots adapt easily to any environment - this one exists purely on a diet of Twiglets - Robert Falconer 

I’ll hit the next one who says “As bald as a coot” with this stick - Valerie Falconer

"Now then chicks, you had better behave. Daddy has a big stick" - Beryl Ladd

"I wish these beavers wouldn't leave their offcuts laying around!" - Dave Hayward

"Since these beavers moved in the place is such a mess." - Ann Lloyd

"Look, doggy! I can do it to." - Marj Jenkins

"Pepperoni ain't so hot in the water!" - Sue Lemmey

"Stick in your craw! Be serious." - Alan Challoner

"If you want to throw sticks get youself a dog" - Robert P.

"Having been a banker least I managed to get a manual job on the government sponsored Beaver Construction Scheme" - Andrew Davidson

"C'mon man! wanna sail? Go get a boat then..." - Deepanshi K. 

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