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Photo Caption Competition
March 2009


"Ha ha ha...  I'll have to tell the wife that one..." - Lorna H.


"Go on, tell me another one !" - Neil J.

"You crack me up, you do." - Mike Ponting

"Have you heard the one about the navy seals" - Est Hamilton

"It's just the way I tell-em !" - Tom C.

"Ha Ha, its the way I tell em" - Paul Jeffs

"Did you hear the one about...?" - Lisa Halton

"I've heard it so many times, but every time I hear that joke, it just keeps on getting better & better" - Coralie A.

"Tee Hee... ha haha ha... stop tickling my flipper!" - Heather Woolley

"Go on, don't be shy, give us a kiss." - Liz from Christchurch.

"Ha ha ha told you beans made it feel like a jacuzzi " - Simon D.

Whadya mean, “fishy”? - {;o{D}ave C 

"Ouch! Its the molar at the back that needs filling". - Pip

"and i said darling you look wonderful tonight" - Lois M.

"..... and then Mabel said....!!" - Sandra Turner

"Haha..and then they were so busy looking at me..hahaha..they ran the boat aground!!! hahahahaha" - Alec Ipswich Wildlife Care & Rescue

" I think you should get a hearing aid dear" - Ann

"Actually, I prefer wildlife photography to cricket, but my brother Ian just adores the game." - Valerie Falconer

"That's the third time today I've lost my contact lens!" - Errick Peterson

"I said - change the batteries in your hearing aid." - Sylvia Mills

"Yes, it looks like tonsillitis to me!" - Julie H.

"Wow! You certainly get my seal of approval." - Robert Falconer

"I told you we should be more discreet in how we meet, we don't want them to gossip about us" - George T.
"Watch out, seal's snout, yum yum, for my tum" - Alice (Bristol)

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