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camera Caption Competition April 2009

Photo © Copyright 2009 Margaret Barton

Judges Choice

"Are you pleased to see me or is that a 3rd leg?" - Peter Dewey

Runners Up

"You could do with some cod-liver oil mate, youíre all seized up." - Steve Keir

"I think theyíve spiked the pond with something - Iím feeling a little tipsy here" - Coralie

"So I finally made it into Madam Tussauds" - Gillian J.

"Hmmmmm ...... the strong, silent type." - Linda F.

"Lean a little further right, grab the net then I'll attack!" - Lorna Haseldine

"First one to move gets the fish" - Graham Blackett

"Who is the smart aleck who covered the pond behind our back!" - George T.

"Is this what they call 'bored stiff'?" - Liz from Christchurch

"You might not say much but you sure look cute." - Derek Manton

" ones looking, quick, you lift the net, I'll swipe the fish, jobs-a-goodun" - Tara Deakin

"Well, don't just stand there looking like a dummy..." - Neil J.

"Stop staring at me and say something!" - Floris C. 

"Whattcha lookin at???" - Ann Hutt

"I said CAUGHT ANYTHING YET... are you deaf?" - Mike Skinner

"I just love long legged birds" - Alan R.

"Billingsgate, it ain't" - Ray Sherman

"If only we can get-em out through that, then it's FISH FINGERS all round!" - Tom C.

"So, do you come here often?" - Lisa Halton

"Do you come here often?" - Glen Blackburn

"Do you come here often?" - Eddie, the_gardener

"Oooouch !!! you should watch where you're landing mate!" - Peter K.

"Thats the last time I let my mates send me on a blind date on April the first!" - Lestyn Blackshaw

"Thatís the last time I go on a blind date ! Ö..she hasn`t said a word all night." - Mike P.

"Nobody looks that good Ė she must have had cosmetic surgery" - Robert Falconer

"No, Darling, when I asked you to get me a pair of waders, I meant I wanted my waterproofs to go fishing" - Valerie Falconer

"Be afraid... be very afraid" - Simon D.

"Hello beautiful, Heron-ymous-Bosch, l presume" - Mike Green

"Your a tacky bird!" - Blythe Buttery

"Heron you tryed a BIRDSeye FISH finger?!" - Eilidh McKay

"Guten tag mein Heron" - {;o{D}ave

"Hello Old son, your throat looks 'saw'" - Perry L.

"I find your expression very wooden Ė donít you fancy me or something?" - Pam, Ashford

"On the issue of the right to roam and open access, I do believe you are being a little rigid on the matter." - Chris N.

"I Say I Say, am I seeing double?" - Linda Leggett

"Thats it darling, keep your eyes closed, thats it come on, a few more steps ............splash!" - Lisa Loosley

"Hey, Fred, Iím so hungry I could eat the heron your head!" - Jane Gavin

"I asked God 4 a rose & he gave me a garden. I ask God 4 a drop of water & he gave me a pond. I asked God 4 an angel & he gave me you..." - Mick K.

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