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camera Caption Competition May 2009

Photo © Copyright 2009 Penny Amey

Judges Choice

"Just close your eyes they really feel like breasts" - Paul Ramsdale

Runners Up

"Can I keep him Dad, can I ?" - Val Lang

"Chimp my ride!" - Hazel Salmons

"Hop on - it's our only chance of escaping!" - Judith Barnard

"Thats it, I'm leaving you" - Michael S.

"Sorry Mate! Don't go south of the river this time of the night" - Richard Whitehead

"I got £2000 when I traded my old one in for this !" - Andy @ Safewings

"He says he doesn't want to see anyone today." - Linda F.

"I'm not sure if this bag will go with my outfit." - Liz from Christchurch

"You'll never get that through as hand luggage" - Angela O.

"Yep....two hundred miles per gallon, no congestion charge and its portable too" - Roy Gostling

"I need a monkey wrench to open this." - John Dye

"Hi,babe, what do you think about my wheels?" - From E. B. Horton

"Now then - and just where do you think you're off to?" - Coralie A.

"Caught you !! I knew it - I just knew you were seeing someone else" - George T.

"I'll cover his eyes, you jump on his back" - Iris Skull

"'re not an elephant!" - Liz Eagle

"I said they should never have trusted you with a porterís job at Paddington" - Robert Falconer

"Quick grab the loot, I've got Stripy covered. It's a banana heist!" - Sarena Dharshi

"You're playing Blind Mans Bluff??" - Neil J.

"What ya gonna do with all that junk, all that junk that's in your trunk?" - Amanda Doran

"Meals on wheels" - Anita M.

"Do you think B.A will notice another one missing?" - Peter Radford

"No, I said to find a monkey to play with, not a Trunki" - Valerie Falconer

"You great numpty. I said fetch me a TIZER." - Derek Manton.

"Oh come on love, are you sure you wouldn't consider silicone implants!" Glen Blackburn

"Yes, out of my way, you monkey" - Esther from Australia

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