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camera Caption Competition June 2009

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 John Dye

Judges Choice

"Are we there yet?" - Mick French

Runners Up

"You should see the lovely house our MP has bought for us" - Rob Falconer 

"Just following the quacknav!" - Anne Hardwick

"OK. guys, we're going to be traffic stoppers today." - Neil J.

"Okay little ones, once we're off the grass we can practice the Goose Step!" - Lorna Haseldine

"Don't forget the Green Cross Code!" - Ray Sherman

"I heard that number 9" - Alan R.

"Will we see a zebra crossing?" - Jenny Horn

"Please Mum, don't take us to school again!" - George T.

''This Way Children!'' - Ciaran Cunningham

Following the leader! - Emily Holden

"Ok, when I say now, everybody DUCK." - Mike Ponting

Suddenly, Heston Blumenthal had an idea for the name of his new restaurant - Valerie Falconer

"Come on kids time for your first green cross code lesson" - Stephen Baker

"You with me on this? On the count of three, time to break rank, while she's not looking - let's go" - Coralie A.

Cygnet in front: "It's alright for you lot, look at the view I'VE got!" - Roger Sidebotham

Unchained Mallard-y - Hazel Salmons

"Follow the leader leader leader, follow the leader OOH!" - Richard McLean

"Duckling : (Orville) Oh, I wish i could fly' Duck : You can! Duckling: I can't! I can't!" - Richard McLean

"Sofari So Good – however, mum doesn’t know we are behind her for the next flight to China" - Katherine

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