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camera Caption Competition July 2009

Caption Photo  Copyright 2009 John Dye

Judges Choice

"More tea Vicar?" - Lorraine Maynard

Runners Up

"Do you want cream with your coffee?" - Linda F.

"Nice meal." "Yes, and the loo is jolly convenient too!" - Neil J.

"Are you sure that's a crumb Derek? It smells like one of yours!" - Ricardo

"Personally, I wouldn't touch it. Have you seen what they put in those pies?" - Liz from Christchurch

"Shall I be Mother?" - Kitty, Nottingham

"Whos going to be mother and pour the tea?" - Andrew Davidson

"I think it's seedy cake without the seeds" - Gillian Johns

"Crumbs! Date and Walnut - makes a nice change from Linseed!" - Wendy Vines

"Ugh! Spit it out, it's pigeon pie!" - Sylvia Mills

"One Lump or Two?" - Anita M.

"One lump or two Petunia ?" - Bev Harris

"One lump or two Dierdre?" - Mike Skinner

"One lump, or two" - Ray Sherman

"Oh I say Gertrude, one lump or two" - Iris, Herts.

"Hey pidg, one lump or two? " - Maisy Richardson

"One lump or poo?!" - Vanessa Hunter

"A little home made creamer for your coffee my love?" - Rob Gleghorn, CA

"Think I'll have an espresso today dear" - Elizabeth Close

"No, Percy! You eat it first, THEN you poo all over it." - Rob Falconer

"I have to say, Doris, afternoon tea in the garden is SO us, don't you think?" - Errick Peterson

"Waste not, want Granny used to say!" - Trina Parker.

"My - what a lovely country this England is - tea for two luv?" - Coralie A.

"Do you mind, it's tea for one !" - Stephen Plant, Derby

"take me out for a slap up meal, you said. All I can eat you said... charming!" - Mike Ponting

"Tea for Coo!" - Ges Ferguson

"Tea for 2" - Linda Leggett

"You don't get service like this at Trafalgar Square!" - Dawn G.

"Birds of Tray" - Siobhan Brown

"Where's the cake fork?" - John Dye, Norwich

"Are you sure its a tea-cup? I thought it was an en-suite tea-tray." - Valerie Falconer

"Oh it was SO nice of you to invite me to tea!" - Lisa Halton

"I like this silver-service" - Julie Sherman

"We would never get away with this at the pop festival - they have Pigeon Detectives!" - Julian Ashton

"Just remember crumb on the lips is equal to 1 lb on the hips." - Erica Woodhouse

"Still groveling for my crumbs then." - Michael Lilley

Not you again ! How many times have I told you, not to invite yourself to come to my table, and eat "MY FOOD" - George T.

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