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camera Caption Competition August 2009

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 Elizabeth Close

Judges Choice

"Everyone has their crow to bear" - Ges Ferguson

Runners Up

"Does my bird look big in this?" - Lucy Stevens

"Does my butt look big in this crow?" - Deanna Cardy

"I think your tweeting is getting out of hand!" - Lisa Veale, Telford

"This cushion is looking a little dog eared!" - Rosie x

"Single or return fare sir?" - John Dye, Norwich

"Single from Barking to Crowcombe, please driver" - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"Hmmph! Another blind date where I ended up with a dog!" - John P Baker

"How the hell do you fly with your wings dangling from either side of your head?" - Ricardo S.

"You don't mind if I hitch a ride, do you ?" - Coralie A.

"Up a bit on the left uuuhhhhhg!!!" - Anne Ward Sheffield

"Hey mate, when did you last trim your claws?" - Neil J.

"What??!! No-one laughed at Long John's parrot!" - Lorna Haseldine

"Why don't you hop off to the crow-bar with your mates?" - Linda Fernandez

"The blind date with a fit 'bird' turned out ok afterall as she does a great massage." - Anne Thornhill, Kent

"Yesterday it was just a small lump on my bum" - Ian Woodrow

"Sorry, we donít accept cash Ö but I can offer you higher perches" - Rob Falconer

"Cross about it? I'm raven mad" - Valerie Falconer

"I don't care if you are an early bird, I do not have worms" - Julian Ashton, Torquay

"Just a tick?" - Alan Ryalls

"I'm a birrrd-dawg" - Ray Sherman

"I have enough crows feet round my eyes dear, but on my bum! No thank you, now scram." - Mike Ponting

"I was a great fan of Lester Piggott you know " - Gillian Johns

"I bet we will be on next months UK Safari photo compettion" - Peter Dewey - Harlow

"Is that a bird on your back or are you just pleased to see me." - Elle Mckay

"Rover didn't feel he was quite managing his new job as a scarecrow" - Blythe Buttery

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