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camera Caption Competition Oct 2009

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 Lynn Kelly

Judges Choice

"These three-point turns are always tricky" - Julian Ashton

Runners Up

"Blimey this yoga position is the worst yet" - Sue Butler

Folds to fit most awkward spaces - Anne Hardwick

"Winner of swan limbo championship 2009" - Hazel salmons

"I knew I should have gone to see the Chiropractor." - Liz from Christchurch

"Whiplash, what's whiplash?" - Ray Sherman

"Couldn't borrow your pillow could I?" - Dave Melling, Norfolk

"With you in a minute Squire, just finishing the preflights here" - Woody, Renfrewshire

"Yeah, I used to be an ugly duckling, but then I turned into an ugly swan as well" - Valerie Falconer

"Sometimes I just feel that my world is turning upside down" - Jan Main

I thought South Wales would be nice for my holidays this year …they’ve got a sea just for swans there - Rob Falconer

"You look so much better from this angle" - Judith B.

"I think Iv'e ricked my neck!" - John Dye, Norwich

"You may think I look daft, but that crocodile in the water will think I’m a bollard and avoid me." - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"Is this 'Laid back' enough for you?" - Phillip Tricker

"Who says you have to be black to be an Australian Swan?" - Alan Rowland

"Ahh, if only I could reach that spot" - Ciaran Cunningham

"Hey; I'm in Oz" - Jean Hall

"I've bent over backwards for her, but she still won't take any notice." - Mrs Helen Spence, Sheffield

''quick guys, one of you draw a hannibal lecter face on my chest an il go chase that boy'' - Chris, Bromley

"Where did you say it was stuck?" - Iain Cameron

"Those ruddy ducks are a pain in the neck!" - Denise

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