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camera Caption Competition Nov 2009

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 Ann Lloyd

Judges Choice

"I believe I can flyyyyyyy, I believe I can touch the skyyyyyyy" - Chris, Bromley

Runners Up

"That darn sat-nav is completely useless" - Mike Skinner

"Goodbye cruel world" - Peter Dewey, Harlow

"Bungi Jump" - Sarah Padwick

Sammy Slug awaiting air rescue after his home is flooded - Linda Kennedy

Credit crunch house loss forces Snail to Slug out nose-dive - Helen Stocking

"Phew ! I feel a bit sluggish after that climb." - Neil J.

"Don't do it, Brian!" - Ian Woodrow, Renfrewshire

"Now do you beleive me they've got bigger lettuce next door" - Gwyn

"What a view!" - Liz from Christchurch

"No I see no way through just miles of that damn copper tape!" - Barbara Irwin

"To Infinity and Beyond" - John Dodd

"Great view but I'd better get moving it's going to rain" - Tom C Dorset

" 'ere 'arry I can see your mum's house from up 'ere." - Dave Taylor

"I'm sure mum said to turn right at the drainpipe" - Chris Keen

"Fancy throwing me over from next doors garden...I'm gutted." - Sue Frudd

When is the rescue going to arrive? - Mrs Jay Garrett

"As the new day dawned, Algernon was beginning to regret his night on the tiles." - David Birks

"I may be small, I may be sweet, but baby I can move my feet 'cos I'm the king of the world!" - Dean Allen

"A different gene mutation in the past, and I could have flown off here!" - David Meadows

"Having a shell on my back was all very well, but then I thought why not go for a mortgage and do things properly?" - Valerie Falconer

"Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou SO slow?" - Julian Ashton

"Who says I have no head for heights" - John Jones

"Near, Far, wherever you are, I believe that the heart does go on." - Caroleann Mccallion

Bryan just couldn’t bring himself to jump, so he decided to overdose on salt instead - Rob Falconer

"Please place the blanket on the ground as I don't trust you to catch me" - John Dye of Eaton

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for snails! - Lorraine

"That's one small step for a slug..." - John Derry

"Only a cry for help? It took me three months to get up here!" - Adrian Hinchliffe

"Looks like its a dead end here then!" - Elaine

"Eee, it's black over Bill's mother's!" - Kitty

"I was told this was take-off point for swift flights to the sunny climes of Africa" - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"That's one up on Incey Wincey Spider!" - Sylvia Mills

"Top of the world Ma, Top of the world" - Jean Hall

"Should have gone to spec savers" - Alistair Wyman

"Oh for the wings of a dove" - Ray Sherman

"Take me to your leader" - Mr A Wingfield of Great Missenden

"I used to be in the gutter but now I'm...Oh! Hang on." - Phil Northall

"Blimey I,ve made it out f the gutter" - SteveL New Forest

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