camera Caption Competition Dec 2009

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 Mary Mason

Judges Choice

"Who filled the bird bath up with gin?" - Pamela Goode

Runners Up

"I wish somebody had told me those berries were fermenting!" - Dave Hayward

"Who put the brandy in that christmas cake?" - Colin Campbell

"Finally, a seat!" - James

"Whoa ill have to cut out the drinking" - Michael S.

''Robin in new playboy christmas card photo shoot'' - Chris, Bromley

"So who said the only way is up?" - John Essex

HEY LOOK!!! I AM SEXY NA...! - :-Aromal

It ain’t over ‘til the fat bird sings! - Lynne - Worcester

"Too much Dandelion Burdock" - Jo sweetman

"If God had wanted us to fly He'd have bought us tickets." - Phil Northall

"Hey, Macarena!" - Liz from New Forest

"You put your left leg in, your left leg out..." - Deryn Hawkins

You put your left wing in, your right wing out, in out / in out... Oooooh do the Hoky Cokey - Brian Chisholm

"You Batman, me Robin." - Sue F.

"OK Who took the trampoline away?" - Janice Whittington

"I'm cool on tweets but this is just the time for me to drop in" - Julian

"Legless? Who's legless?" - Liz from Christchurch

The morning after the night before! - Stephen Plant, Derby

"Officer thank goodness you're here,The leg theives went that way!" - Richard West

Ouch! I saw Batman jump off the roof so I thought it was safe, said Robin - John Webb, Gt Abington

"Ooops. Misshed that shtep again, hic. A touch too much mulled wine perhapsh?" - Phil Tricker

"And now, the feather forecast" - Neil McKenzie

"T minus 10 seconds and counting" - Mike Skinner

"The right partner and Strictly Come Dancing will be mine". - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"Man, that was a helluva Christmas" - Linda Kennedy

"OK Puss , Come and get me!" - Neil J.

"I shooudn't have drrunk so much tonight" - Iris, Herts

"I wish they wouldn't put rum in the bird bath in cold weather!" - Phred Crossby

"Rockin' robin, rock rock" - Lily

"I'll give you "ROCKING Robin" - Pam Harding

"Friends, Robins, Countrymen…" - Eddie Gaunt

Who killed cock robin? "I'M NOT DEAD… just trying to get up!" - Mike Ponting

"If I'd known you were coming I would have brushed my feathers." - John Dye of Eaton

"Anyone seen Batman?" - Rob Falconer

"You may think jump jets are great,well take a look at my vertical take-off and be amazad." - John Jones

"I've just been thrown out of the shopping mall - maybe I shouldn't have worn my robin hoodie" - Valerie Falconer

"Climate Change is causing me to melt...Are you just going to stay there and watch me disintergrate, legs first, into the floor via your Plasma Screen?" - Graham Hebron

Rocky Robin was a little worse for wear after going twelve rounds against Sammy Sparrow for the featherweight title - Chris R, Oxford

"Does my balls look big in this" - Adam Davies

"Oh dear! I think I got it wrong the ground is still too close" - John Dye

"The gentsh ish jusht over there, mate..." - Kitty P.

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