camera Caption Competition Jan 2010

Caption Photo © Copyright 2009 Steve Botham

Judges Choice

"Just one more wafer thin mint!" - Ivan Buxton

Runners Up

"That was one heck of a new year party! Where am I?" - Bozz Halliday

"Why did I eat so much Christmas pudding" - George Hill

"Had a feeling that slimming resolution wouldn’t last long" - David, Folkestone

"Burn my clothes, I'm in heaven" - Dave Stewart

"Dave's backflip didn't turn out so well" - Matthew B.

"Looks like another roll-over week" - Colin Penny

"Hey what happend to the snow?" - Michael S.

"I'm a Seal-ebrity Get Me Out Of Here" - Angela Dolan from Bridgend South Wales

"I need a bit of a nap before the Queen's speech" - Tony W.

"Give us a nudge when the Queen's speech comes on, love" - Terry Burgess, N. London.

Wow, What a night! - Neil J.

"Okay, who pulled the plug?" - Coralie A.

"At last a ray of sunshine" - Patrick Flood

''Kissed by a rose on the grey'' ......hey, you said you wanted a seal impression!!'' - Gavin B.

"Do you really think I'll make the front cover, Steve?" - Errick Peterson, Wanstead

"'m sure I've got a wheat allergy. That bread I ate has made me feel really bloated!" - Helen Spence

"Roll Over Beethoven" - Ray Sherman

"Aw, come on - you're happy enough to tickle Rover's tummy" - Valerie Falconer

"Theres no one around to tickle your tummy when you need someone." - Barbara Irwin

"Go on - give us a tummy tickle." - Liz from Christchurch

"It may look uncomfortable to you , but it`s heaven to me, now go on scratch me belly" - Mike

"This grounds hard but the Ruddy Germans have taken all the sun loungers again" - Ray Wilby

"Mmm, that's good - that gets my seal of approval" - Rob Falconer

"This grass stuff is really itchy - wheres the ice?" - Peter D.

"I knew that last glass of champagne at midnight was just one too many!" - Andrew Davidson [Isle of Wight]

"Am I the seal of approval?" - John Dye of Eaton

"Signed, sealed, delivered, I'm yours." - Catherine Rowan Jones

"Wow I'm here signed sealed and delivered" - A. Gibson

"Oh yeah l've just been sealed with a kiss" - Sue Barnard

"I nodded off in the Arctic, this bloody global warming!" - Jacky Ball

Nah...I didn't pop in sleeping pills! - Tasneem

"Someone's written 'Does exactly what it says on the tin' on my back - cos I'm called Ron" - Julian Ashton

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