camera Caption Competition Feb 2010

Caption Photo © Copyright 2010 Richard Harris

Judges Choice

"That's a rubbish portrait, they got my antlers all wrong!" - Peran Truscott

Runners Up

"Daddy!" - Deryn Hawkins

"That's my dad" - Sue B.

"Jim stared in envy at the antlers of the stags in the portrait." - Langdon Truscott

"Now! they warn me about Stag’s" - Steve Barnett

"I'm sure that's the post he was tied to on his stag night." - Judith Barnard

"So this is how it feels to pass the buck." - Linda Fernandez

"That must have been when Dad got caught by a speed camera" - Rob Falconer

"Looks like Dad's wanted for speeding again" - Jay Garrett

"So it's safe to cross the road here, is it?" - Liz from Christchurch

"Uh-oh, bloke alert!" - Kitty

"Do you ever get the feeling you're being followed?" - Andy Wilson

"Huh...I should be so lucky!!" - Patrick Embleton

"And this is my boyfriend in the snow last christmas, isn't he cute!" - SM

"Oh DEER, am I going the right way?" - Mike Pont

"Typical ! Why should male chauvinist stags have a special crossing place ?" - Lucille Allen

"Men! Always showing off." - Clinton Hough

"Just when she thought the rut was over for another year..." - Richard Harris

"If I can see the sign from here does that mean I have 20-20 vision?" - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"Hi mum", oppps should have gone to specsavers" - Christine Robertson

"Cor, I bet he's a dish!" - Deirdre Honey

"Any stag going dressed like that is asking for it" - Julian Ashton

Just occasionally she wishes she'd not gone ahead with the op. - Terry Burgess

"Dad, I didn't know you were a model for road signs." - John Jones

"So thats where he was going" - Fishfryer, Poole

"If he walks round with half a tree on his head it's no wonder his feet hurt!" - Helen Spence

"Little brother, I will call for help to save you. Wait for me." - kleeve leow

"Oh deer! I think I am out of my comfort zone" - John Dye of Norwich

"I will have to be smart if i am to catch his eye when he is crossing at 20 mph! Is this my best side?" - Peter

"I hope he looks as good as his picture when he turns up, but at 20 I am not too sure". - Howard Hickson

"I could not slow down to 30 never mind 20!" - Barbara Dunn

"Is it better with this one, or this one.Well, I'm pleased to say dear, you have 20 20 vision!" - Rhys Gwynn

"Hmmmm....When did humans become so considerate?" - Tasneem, Bangalore

"Typical, just for the guys!" - Neil J.

"Hey, my Mum modelled for that sign" - Valerie Falconer

"Somewhere I've seen it, sure!" - Fijo Francis

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