camera Caption Competition Mar 2010

Photo  Copyright 2010 Jack Walton

Judges Choice

"Got to rush, just put the flowers on my bill." - Terry Burgess

Runners Up

Colin the coot wasn't impressed by his blind date Daisy - Simon D.

How Coot! - Tony Williams

"Well do I look coot or not!!!" - John, Gt Abington

"Thanks for the flower, but I said I thought you were coot, not cute" - Rob Falconer

"...this year we're off to sunny Spain...y viva espanaaaaaaaa..." - Clint H.

"I hope this makes up for me forgetting valentines day!?" - Mike P.

Hero Bird Saves Flower from Drowning - David gibbons

"It's a peace offering - now stop calling me baldy" - Valerie Falconer

"Trust you to be late for Valentine's Day, you silly old coot", that's all the thanks I get from her." - Sylvia Mills

"I'm from across the pond; have a nice day!" - Julian Ashton

"I know, I know, I'm not supposed to pick them but its our anniversary" - Mike Skinner

"To my dear Narcissus-image..." - Fijo F.

"It's valentine day! Hope she likes it." - Kleeve L.

"Well it is Mothers day!" - Neil Marsh

"Dear fish,please come.Iam waiting for you with a present!" - Kuryan N.F.

"All because the lady loves Milk Tray" - Maria Cooke

"I do hope I haven't missed Valentine's Day again" - John Essex

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