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camera Caption Competition Apr 2010

Photo © Copyright 2010 G. Bradley

Judges Choice

"Are you sitting on the remote again?" - Angela O.

Runners Up

"Yikes!! I wouldn’t like to meet the car that got the poor sheep we’re laying on!" - Steve Barnett

Sshhhh ! Pretend your still hibernating ! It's too cold to go outside yet ! - Jan H.

"The point is, that acupuncture can have a homeopathic sort of effect" - Julian Ashton

"This fluffy white stuff.... do you think we've died and gone to heaven?" - Deborah, Surrey

"Just one for the road you said and where do we end up?" - Dave Taylor.

"How come they never give us the water bed?" - Rob Falconer

"We heard you were short of needles so we've come to donate ours" - John Dye

"Look, why don’t we just share the hedge with everyone else?" - Valerie Falconer

After sunbathing for 10 hours Bill and Ben were suffering from prickly heat - Simon D.

"Wakey wakey we’ve missed Christmas again" - Terry Robbins

"Don't worry all the main parties have promised to protect the health service!" - Andrew Davidson

"If I don't keep an eye on him, he's bound to get into trouble again." - Judith Barnard

"EEEEEEh I could get to sleep if only he'd stop that snoring!!!!" - Anne Ward

"I love it when you're pushy!" - Frances Teresa

"Thank god that's my last weekly newsletter. I'm exhausted!" - from Bozz

"D'you think we're at Tiggywinkles?" - John Dye

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