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Index >  Caption Competition >  May 2010 Bookmark and Share

Caption Competition May 2010

Judges Choice:

"Those ruddy kids have tied our shoelaces together again." - Valerie Falconer

Runners Up:

Moorhen startled by floating mirror releases some excess bubbles - David Healey

"According to the Karma Sutra this should be easy." - Deryn H.

"Which idiot put a synchronised back flip in the programme?" - Jan Humphries

This synchronized swimming thing isn't as easy as it looks! - Dalton

"The synchronised swimming routine is not going to plan" - Alan Robinson

"Ermakova & Davydova eat your heart out!" - Lyarna Manley

''Whoa, didn't see that coming'' - Yusuf Akhtar

"No, its YOUR turn to have the tap end this time" - Mike P.

"An outstanding performance by the Moorhen synchronized swimming team. Surely they've done enough to win the gold!" - Bozz H.

"If we keep practising this synchronised swimming, we could make London 2012!" - Sherry M.

"No Strike Clause, my foot!!" - Julian A.

"I said just blow the doors off!!!" - Tony Chippendale

"I'm sure this is not correct so think we will have to read the manual again" - John Dye

"I get enough exercise just pushing my luck!" - Jilly Bowling

"Who was the best Bond? Roger, of course!" - Rob Falconer

"We've got the sun, we've got the pool now all we need is Cocktails" - Mike Skinner

"I reckon that missionary was talking through his hat" - Terry B.

Torville and Dean The Bolero - Linda Leggett

"How dare you say my handbag is ugly?!" - Marcus Henehan

If you've got a nature/wildlife photo which you think would make a good caption picture please send it in.

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