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Index >  Caption Competition >  October 2010 Bookmark and Share

Caption Competition October 2010

Judges Choice:

"Blimey, Brian can fly!" - Terry Burgess, London

Runners Up:

"OK, Be huffy then!!" - Neil J.

"Ok, you paddle and I'll steer" - Hazel Clay

"Looks like rain again" - Angela O.

"What the terrapin ferry lacked in size, comfort, speed and shelter it more than made up for with great views" - Chris R, Coventry

"Oy Stan, can you smell Fish & Chips?" - Lorraine

"Don't speak to me you, you, beast" - Roy North

"Don't bother. I'll never speak to you again." - Liz from Christchurch.

"Don't know much about surfing, but this is called 'logging off'" - Julian, Devon

"Dad. If your going to sneeze, please hold your shell on this time." - Richard N.

"Still suffering from shell shock?" - Rob Falconer 

If you say "Mind you don't turn turtle!", once more... - Errick Peterson

"No you haven't got my back up, I'm just finding it hard at the moment" - Richard Saunders

"What you looking at Willis?" - Ray Sherman

"To me you...." - Jamie Bird

"oh . . . . I thought concord was grounded" - Joy W.

"Are you sure this isn't a crocodile?" - Jacquie Helm

"You are so stuck-up. I am definitely not speaking to you anymore. So there!" - Maria S.

"Oops I think we are drifting away from terrafirma, help" - John Dye

"We're all going on a summer holiday!" - Guy Conlon

"Have you forgotten the OARs again!" - M.Glencross

"This keep-fit regime is all very well, but personally I prefer to just stick to a balanced diet" - Valerie Falconer

"This log is barely moving!" "Goes faster than us though!" - Gabriel

"Im staying down this end of the log,I told you not to have those beans last night" - Jilly S.

"I'm supposed to soar into the air like an Eagle you amatuer, put some more weight on" - Maureen M.

"I named you Dick Terrapin because the cost of living here is highway robbery." - Gillian

"Rowing only works with your legs in the water." (Turtle on left to turtle on right, with leg raised.) - Glenn Owens

"When I asked you for a leg up here, I don't think you quite got my drift, old chap!" - Helen Spence

"Captains' log - pooldate 2010.310 - We've got a stalemate situation here. 
Just back away Terry and no-one will get hurt." - Malcolm Snell

If you've got a nature/wildlife photo which you think would make a good caption picture please send it in.

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