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Index >  Caption Competition >  November 2010 Bookmark and Share

Caption Competition November 2010

Otter by Lee Summersby

Judges Choice:

"I told you it wouldn't keep the rain off" - Alison Theobald

Runners Up:

"How do I look?" - Peter Dewey

Wig? I thought you said to wear a twig! - Valerie Falconer

"I really must get a new comb" - Ray Sherman

"I can't seem to do a thing with my hair!" - Emily Krich

"Does my head look big in this?" - Peter Dewey

"Otterly Fashionable" - Ken Simpson

"You wanted Twiglets?" - Fran, Blandford

"My name is Twiggy and I am addicted to fish!" - Maria S.

"Twiggy models fur" - David Hasell

"The sultan of fish from the otterman empire!!!!" - Simon D.

"Do you think it's quite Me?" - Ron Knowles

"This is a 'Crown of Thorns' and I am the chosen one I tell you" - Tony Chippendale 

"I think I have a balanced approach and I am sticking to what I said earlier." - Helen Spence, Sheffield

"Oh dear, my hat seems to have shrunk..." - Lizzie, age 8

"I got it from a Topshop branch" - Rob Falconer 

"Just off to the bank; think I might start a hedge fund" - Julian, Devon

"Well I ain't never done limbo dancing before!" - Susan Bloom

"As worn by younger otters this year - it's all the rage !" - John Turney

"Iíve just twigged it, youíre Tarka, arenít you?" - Steve Keir

"Do I look sweet in my Twiggy outfit? If so, gimme a kiss!" - Richard N.

"Don't you think this minimalistic look is otterly fantastic." - Sue Barnard

"Now where Did i put my glasses?" - Anita M.

"I hope I don't outshine the bride with this hat!!" - Sharon Perrett

"I couldn't find a hat for the wedding so I made this one" - Jean Mc

"So you think I should be able to balance more than one twig on my head to qualify for the 2012 Olympics?" - Lucille B.

"I favour the minimalist approach to hat design" - Andrew Davidson

"My dear, its what all the best people are wearing in knightsbridge" - Ann Lloyd

"I know it looks daft, but all the fashionable otters are wearing them this season, apparently!" - Errick Peterson

"Hats off to twiggng on" - M Glencross

"My names Twiggy Iím having a bad hair day." - John Dye

If you've got a nature/wildlife photo which you think would make a good caption picture please send it in.

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