camera Caption Competition Dec 2010

Caption Photo © Copyright 2010 Gill Jones

Judges Choice

"Are you sure you didn`t sleep with anyone else?" - Mike Ponting

Runners Up

"When I said a cygnet; I meant a ring stupid!!" - Tony Chippendale

"Once and for all: I'm sorry, but I'm not your mum." - Liz from Christchurch

"Thatís the last time I agree to a blind date with two cuties " - Valerie Falconer

"Darling, are you sure itís really mine?" - {;o{D}ave

"He's looking for Swan Lake, says it's in covent garden!" - M. Glencross

"I cannot believe it,mute swan maybe but what a genetic mutation." - John Jones

"Welcome to 'How to look good naked' with me, Gok Swan" - Julian, Devon

"You know, I could swear that upturned toilet just moved." - Carl Allport

"Swan-upping, that'll upset him!" - Rob Falconer

"D'you reckon that neck can be repaired then?" - Richard Norfolk

"Looks like she did not get the lead part in Swan Lake this Xmas" - Sandra Monk, Southwater

"I don't know why, but sometimes I really get the feeling we're adopted..." - Floris C.

"He's not such an ugly duckling after all, is he?" - Judith Barnard

"I simply don't give two coots about it." - Helen Spence

"How can I convince my mate he is the father of my chicks?" - John Dye

"Quick,we will have to find a replacement ugly duckling for this year's panto" - Ann Greenizan

"I wish Dad hadn't buggered off and left us - Terry Burgess. North London

"Is what Danny Kaye sang about true?!!!!!" - DSM

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