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Caption Competition - Jan 2011

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Ravens by Les Willis
Judges Choice

"Brilliant! Wouldn't know it from the real thing!" - Neil J.

Runners Up

"No - it's definitely bigger than mine" - Deryn Hawkins

"No tongues, just a peck on the cheek please dear." - From M Glencross

"Shut it, big mouth!" - Normadundee

"Oi Shut it" - Anita Milby

"Are you certain this is how the French girls kiss?" - Pauline Stephenson

"Stop Barbara! A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips." - Jane Foxon

"Darling, you sqwark too much!" - Juliet Hiley

"Say agh" - George Hill

"Open wide, now say caw" - . Miller

"Open wide and say Scraaaghhhhh" - Judith Barnard

"Keep your beak shut and I think we'll get away with it." - Helen Spence

"Nag nag Nag I won't tell you again to zip it" - Anita Milby

"Cannibalism. See, I told you I could out-Goth you." - Carl A.

"What are you beaking at?" - Howard Hickson, Derbyshire

"You can let go now, the newyears honours list is out now" - Jean Mc

"Ssshhhh!" - Paul S.

"If you can't keep it shut I'll do it for you!!" - John, Gt Abington

"I'll just take a few measurements, sir, then I can start work on your beak warmer" - Josie Rylands

"Every time I open my mouth you jump down my throat !" - Jan H.

"Ooh la la-is he French?"- Elizabeth C.

"I dont get this French kissing. Humans must be raven mad" - Simon D.

"Hi there.Just flown in from France" - John J.

"See – I told you the cat got my tongue!" - Susan McManus

"A bit RAVENous are we!!" - Ken Carden

"All security staff at the Tower of London are subject to an annual beak inspection" - Rob Falconer

"Kissing in public? You must be raven mad!" - Valerie Falconer

"Oh! shut up you old crow..." - Greg Nowacki

"I'll let go if you'll promise to stop shouting "Off with his head" every time a beefeater passes by!" - Errick Peterson

"Next time I tell you to shut-up - do so!" - Ashley K. Howard

"I always thought it was: putting one's Foot into one's mouth." - Liz from Christchurch

"For goodness sake woman, will you shut up for five minutes" - Glenis Blakiston

"I won't tell you again - SHUT UP" - Richard, Norfolk

"Oh Quit nagging woman!" - Wendy Deed

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