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Caption Competition - Feb 2011

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Puffins by Dr. Steven Murray
Judges Choice

"Err... your label's sticking out luv" - Rachael Watson

Runners Up

"Hold on a moment. Have we swapped jackets?" - Jacquie Helm

"Dandruff? You should try using 'Head & Shoulders' dear." - Liz Farnan

"Can I zip you up dear" - Beryl Ladd

"You've over done it with the make-up again this year" - M. Glencross

"As soon as the light turns green, start your take off run - Chocks away!" - Andrew Davidson, Isle of Wight

"Dont look now, but that doctors taking a photo of us!" - Ashley K. Howard

"Don't you think this is a bit short for you dear?" - Ionne Hammond, Suffolk

"Uh Huh ! Haven't washed behind your neck again, have you?" - Neil J.

"Yes, your bum does look big in that black dress, dear!" - Derek Ladkin

"Yes, your bum does look big in that!" - David Stokes

"Does my bum look big in this?" - Errick Peterson, Co. Wexford

"Does my Bum look big in this?" - Anita

"For the final time " your bum doesn't look big in feathers" - Jean Mc

"No, it looks fine to me love." - MRC

"You know we’re called sea parrots? Well, there’s a little pirate on your shoulder." - Valerie Falconer

"I think you may be asthmatic – I don’t like that puffin" - Rob Falconer

"Just one slight feather out of place round the back!" - Anne Anderson

"We wont be doing this next year - can't afford the bills these days" - Julian, Devon

"Do you think this shade of lipstick suits me" - Ann Greenizan

"Why are you huffin puffin? Been up to no good with her next door again" - John Dye

"All we have to do is work on the head and could pass as penguins" - Ross Geissmann, Redcliffe Q'land, Australia

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