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Caption Competition - Mar 2011

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Barn Owl by Paul Rigg
Judges Choice

"I just hate waking up with a furry tongue" - {;o{D}ave

Runners Up

"Ugh! Definitely past your sell by date!" - Neil J.

"Mother told me that wholefoods are the healthier option" - Ann Greenizan

"Anyone got a torch?????" - Lesley Lavender

"Yup, hold steady, I’ve got it – it’s a great big fish bone" - Andrew Forsyth

"Bang goes the low carb diet" - Tony Powell

"Whoo-hoo----got an owl in one!" - John de Q.

"Bernard the Barn Owl was training hard for a place on the Mouse Spitting Team in time for London 2012." - Rachael Watson

"Its a rat snack and you been caught" - Simon D.

"Now that's what I call mouse to mouth resuscitation!" - Malcolm Snell

"Heads you lose, tails I win!" - Linda K.

"The end of another sad tail." - M. Glencross

"I say, that tale is a bit hard to swallow!" - Lyn E.

"That's quite a tale you expect me to swallow." - Linda F.

"Nah, I'm not falling for that old Gruffalo story again!" - Sue Kelly

"Oh dear.....think I've bitten off more than I could chew." - Lynne Naylor

"Ollie had bitten off more than he could chew!" - Normadundee

"Whats for pudding?" - Ray Sherman

"It makes sense to leave all de tails to last" - Julian A.

"Its no good Barney.....I still can't reach it!" - Tony C.

"What’s that? I’ve got a bit of food on my face?" - Valerie Falconer

"Going, Going, ............ Gone" - Jay G.

"I told him I did't want double glazing!" - Jacquie Helm

"Doctor can't see you now.  Make an appointment for next week" - Richard Norfolk

"Ratatouille today... rat eu vin tomorrow" - John P Baker

"It needs garlic" - Mike Barnes

"Open wider please, Mr. Owl, these back molars are the devil to reach!" - Errick Peterson, Co Wexford

Experts warn, "Eat less red meat" - John Chambers

"I like mice AND Champagne – they both wriggle all the way down your throat" - Rob Falconer

"don't remember this last night" - Ray Smith

(Muffled voice) "I told you this was not a safe place to hide!" - Dr Murray

"Not much down 'ere!!!" - Dennis Manson

Mouse to Owl, "you really don’t have any teeth back here to be cleaned" - Glenn Owens

"Does my bum look big in this...?" - Clint

"Open wide-your problem is you have no wisdom teeth" - John Dye

"What? You said these were low fat!" - Liz from Christchurch

"BINGO here here it's Barny I got a full mouse. well that's the tail end of it folks on lucky legs eleven" - Alan Gibson

"Waiter! I asked for ratatouille, not a rat or two." - Laureen

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