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Caption Competition - June 2011

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Heron by Richard Harris
Judges Choice

"Sorry, I must have left my reading glasses at home" - Valerie Falconer

Runners Up

"That certainly doesn't apply to me" - Neil J.

"Sign?.....What sign??" - Anne Hardwick

"Sign? What sign?" - Deryn Hawkins

"OK - so I can't find my glasses!" - Andrew Smiile

"Fishing, moi??! I'm just doing essential quality control" - Julian Ashton

"Not yet he’s still looking!" - Dave Bowron

"Oh no! Not you again can’t I get to eat sometimes?" - Carole C.

"I've wasted my time putting a sign up - that osprey obviously can't read." - Terry Burgess, North London

"If I stay on this No Fishing sign long enough someone's bound to take my photograph" - Ashley K. Howard

"I suppose this is the new Health and Safety at Pond regulations..." - Denis Howers

"They confiscated my rod and line!" - Rob Falconer

"Huh! "You said wait by the Finish Line" - A. Chippendale

"Just a quick look around first..... If I'm caught I'll pretend I cannot read haha." - Maria Stubbs

"Who do they think they are, no fishing indeed, this is my river." - Ken Layzell

"Ok I've been stood up, I'll just fly away quietly" - Jenny

"Forget the fish. This corrugated effect water is quite something" - Richard Norfolk

"I can’t read as I didn’t go to shoal" - John Dye

"Fishing licence! Don't the authorities realise that l need to fish every day of the year" - AnnG

He should have gone to spec savers - M. Glencross

"Should have gone to Specsavers." - Liz from Christchurch

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