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Caption Competition - July 2011

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Oystercatchers by Tim Woodcock
Judges Choice

"That's it, I'm going back to mother" - Ray Sherman

Runners Up

"Oysters! Oysters! Oysters! What about a nice steak for a change?" - Valerie Falconer

"Wot du mean you’re allergic to shellfish!" - Sonya P.

"I told you it was the wrong turning!" - Anne Hardwick

"OK, but, after a while, I find they stop being an aphrodisiac" - Rob Falconer

" then jean said …., then flo said …, and I thought well …. !, are you listening to me ? I give up !!" - Mike P.

"Put your left leg in and your right leg out shake it all about..." - John Dye

"You put your right leg out and you shake it all about .... hey hokey cokey .... " - Chris N.

"You do the Hokey-Cokey and..." - Roger C.

"I'm puttin on my top hat, wigglin my tail!" - Tony C.

"Drunk? Of course I'm not....Look!" - Neil J.

"This is my Max Wall impression" - John Charles

"I'm doing this to avoid another groyne injury" - Julian A.

"Look! I'm an Aeroplane!" - Ed Tapp

"I don't think so" - Beryl Ladd

"I'm telling you...this is how you dance the Funky Chicken!" - Lorraine Maynard

"Don't you tell me I should have my head examined." - Gwilym Thomas

"I think it's called line dancing." - M. Glencross

"I know i'm not one but I still want to do the goose step!" - Cath Jones

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