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Caption Competition - August 2011

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Photo © Copyright 2011 David Bowron
Judges Choice

"Right! That's the sparrowhawk sorted out.  Who's next?" - Alan Kenworthy

Runners Up

"I'm definitely migrating for my summer holiday next year" - M. Glencross

"Actually, yes, looking like this I do feel a right tit" - Rob Falconer

"Looking a Tit left Dave feeling a little blue!" - Bryan Strydom

"Dry Clean Only" - Clint Hough

"Can't remember much, but I hope I had a good night." - Mike from Bude

"I tawt I saw a puddy tat!!" - Lyn Prattent

"Never dry off in the tumble-drier!" - Neil J.

"Mental note to self: Avoid wind turbines." - Dr Steven Murray

"Damned weather forecast, wrong again!" - Ray Sherman

"I'm going to sack that hairdresser of mine.  I look a proper tit !" - Philip Astin

"That's the last time I use Wash and Go!" - Steve P. :-)

"You think I look rough... you should see the cat!" - Mandy Holloway

"OK, so maybe I'm not a kingfisher..." - Robert Murray

"Now - to go through the hedge forwards.." - Ges Ferguson

"Am I a swan?" - Alan Ryalls

"Nice tit..." - Jay Garrett

"Fetch my stylist immediately" - Andrew Davidson

Bad Hair Day - Sandra Monk

"So - don't you ever have a bad feather day?" - Andrew Smillie

"I’m having a really bad feather day today!" - Sandra Taylor

"Having a 'bad feather' day." - Richard Norfolk

"I'm having a bad hair day" - John Dye

"I’m having a bad hair day!" - Jill McBride

"And you mammals think having a bad hair day is tough!" - Julie Powers

"I did ask the stylist for the Posh Spice look,but looks like she gave me the Ozzy Osbourne style instead" - Jilly Bowling

"Forgot my umbrella didn't I?" - Roger Sidebotham

"And you can tell Jamie Oliver what to do with his Bloody Marias..." - Dorothy Dawson

"I'll have you know I'm Johnny Rotten's smallest fan!" - Errick Peterson

Who ruffled his feathers then? - Cath Jones

"Feeling a little ruffelled" - Sally Humphreys

"They said that if I looked like Rebekah Brooks I'd get my own tweet" - Lynne Naylor

"That's the last time I go to that hairdressers, I've never had such a bad hair-day" - Christine Halliday

The dry cleaners were going to get a serious complaint - David Birks

"Ok! You may be obsessed with Johnny Rotten, but no piercings and thats final!" - Tony C.

"Geez, I knew those flies around that cow's tail was just too good to be true" - Steve Barnett

"Evolution, you had better get a move on fast here!" - Julie Powers

"My parents didn't win 'the best in the nest' prize either..." - Julie Powers

"Done my bit, time to get feathered!" - Joan Ellis

"Well, wouldn’t you feel blue if you looked like this?" - Valerie Falconer

"Just texted mum to say I was popping out for a snack and there were paparazzi everywhere, so I'm suing the Murdochs, Andy Coulson, David Cameron, the Met ...... " - Linda F.

"For crying out loud, all I hear is 'your call is important to us" - Julian A.

"If you say; aint life a gas one more time!!! - Tony C.

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