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Caption Competition - September 2011

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Photo © Copyright 2011 Paul Shaw
Judges Choice

"Look into the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, into the eyes, aaand your under!" - Mike P.

Runners Up

"This is what happens when I swallow bubble gum" - Gillian Johns

"Despite thinning on top, Damon refused to give up the buzz cut." - Charlie Prendergast

"Very good, now can you read me the bottom line of letters?" - Ricardo S.

"Not sure about these new specs - the frames seem a bit wide" - Richard Norfolk

"Yes, these new contact lenses fit perfectly, but I'd better order a new pair of glasses too for emergencies." - Cath Jones

"Wooah dude. Personal Space!" - Rachel B.

"But,you said blue eye shadow suited my face shape" - Ann Greenizan

"Yeah, the one on the left's for Sky" - Valerie Falconer

"I’m a damselfly? – but my name’s George!" - Rob Falconer

"....and your name is?... I!....Oh, bother!" - Sandra Turner

"Is this earth?" - Kate, Scotland.

"Hey guys, come on over, no one is going to eat you." - Mike from Bude

"What she said! Well it nearly made my eyes pop out of my head." - M. Glencross

"No money, so I can't phone home!!!" - Ray Sherman

"Brilliant eh? They're from Spec Savers." - Neil J.

"Yes I know - I should have gone to Specsavers" - George Hill

"Wish I'd gone to Specksavers!" - Ashley K. Howard

"Should have gone to Specsavers" - Sandra Monk

"You like my new glasses, I know, Should have gone to spec-savers"! - Jilly S.

"Should have gone to specsavers." - Jan

"Ooh, I think I've got somebody else's contact lenses in." - Pete Webb

"I hereby sentence you to 4 years in prison" - Ken Layzell

"I don’t think I’d win a beauty competition" - John Dye

"I come from another planet. Take me to your traps for Venus Flies" - Julian A.

"Yep, old blue eyes is back!" - Tina H.

"I'm the Frank Sinatra of the insect world" - Nicole Burgum

"I did it my way" - Elizabeth C.

"Would you look at the baps on THAT" - Ally Scott

"Wide eyed and legless" - Bea Loots

"Going to make my Brown eye's Blue oh yes Going to make my Brown eye's blue." - Alan G.

"Pretty Blue feeling come over me today" - Catherine MacLeod

"This is where the pain is Doctor" - Jo Sweetman

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