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Caption Competition - December 2011

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Photo © Copyright 2011 Richard Harris
Judges Choice

"Who you calling butthead? Butthead!" - Mike Pont

Runners Up

"Bigger antlers my arse!" - Alan Kenworthy

"Oh I wish I stayed a vegetarian" - Mike

"And I thought it was just wind" - Nicole Burgum

"Heads or Tails? " - Cath Jones

Pushmi-Pullyu were happy with their Christmas Antlers - all they needed now were the red noses and they'd be hot to trot. - Rachael Watson

"My, that WAS painful." - Robert Adams

"Unfortunately, I'm a popular target for people with a lot of hats" - Rob Falconer

"Oh stop messing about!" - Neil J.

"I've got Eyes in the Back of My Head!" - Jo Sweetman

"Oh no, that Doctor Dolittle has been meddling with genetics again" - Valerie Falconer

"It's Dr Dolittle's fault" - Ray Sherman

"Ok, I admit that I once called him my favourite political joke - but it's all behind me now" - Julian

"Told you the production team should have hired David Bailey for this photo shoot" - Ann G

"Let's play hind and sika" - Simon D.

"Why do you always have to steal the scene?" - Gemma C.

"Yes I know, he's somewhere behind me" - Gillian J.

"Rear Guard" - Jo Sweetman

"Oh no, Santa has had too much sherry again." - Margaret

"Now they can really say he's talking out of his backside." - Lynne Naylor

"I told you he was talking through his ass" - Catherine, Northern Ireland

"Morning Mr Attenborough, we give you our unique 'push me pull you' shot" - Linda Wright

"Okay, so I think we've been spotted. Need to get our heads together on this one." - Maggie Storer

"Hey Deer, I am more horny than you" - Roshni Khanna

"No we can't buy one, dear, it's just too deer!" - Ricardo S.

"Two heads are better than one" - Mike Skinner

"I thought it was only llamas that had a head at both ends." - Linda F.

"Buck up your ideas son, if you think you're stalking me." - Tony Powell

Eh Look good Deer, We could be on the next year's Calender cover, how do you know. eat ya heart out deer it's Richard Harris." - Alan Gibson

"I haven't been the same since that deer rear-ended me." - Araks O

"Where's Landseer? I can't keep this pose up much longer. Hope he hasn't given me the brush off again" - M Glencross

With the influx of non English-speaking foreign labour, things weren't going particularly well at the Pantomime Cow Costume Company... - Clinton Hough

"Oh no, here comes that white bearded man again, act lame" - Antony Ward

"I don't know if I am coming or going" - John Dye

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