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Caption Competition - January 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 G. Bradley
Judges Choice

"No! I wanted hair MOUSSE!" - Steve King

Runners Up

"If I crack this nut I won't need to get out of bed for months" - Karen McCullough

"The nuts are definitely bigger this year" - Neal Moran

Head Mice! - Nik Nimbus

"It started as a wart on my bum" - Dave Roberts

"This isn't providing the best of covers, is it?" - Liz from Christchurch

"That's funny, you can't see the join" - Julian A

"I hope you are enjoying your head mousage" - Christine Wilson

"Hmmm.. Needs some conditioner." - Neil J.

"Wow, it's a bit hairy this high up." - Janet Johnson

"! thought they said his hair was nearly all CORN!!!" - Brian Boddy

"Take 2 bottles into the shower? Not me, I just take Dillon the Dormouse, who licks my hair clean" - Chris

"I've seen a headlouse before, but never a headmouse!" - Colin D.

"Mini Nit Nurse at your service!" - Jan H

"I could've sworn there was more nesting here when I began hibernation..." - - Richard S

"It's a bit hairy up here, but I think I'm getting a head for heights." - Maggie Storer

"Now, where is he hiding the goodies?" - Liz from Christchurch

"I keep telling you, you’re a dormouse, not a hare" - Estelle Browne

"Not enough here to make a decent nest" - Ann Lloyd

"Not much nesting material here :(" - Jan Trim

"You can’t get a decent thatch to nest in these days" - Jo Sweetman
"I've found a Des Res with a patio" - M. Glencross

"Of course its not a Raccoon Hat Davey; we are in a recession!" - Tony, Coventry

"I'll never get through this nut before winter bedtime." - Chris Nother

"Where's the cheese? I only taste dandruff." - Jennifer A. Pilvelis

"No, this man definitely does not have mousy hair." - Edna Urwin

"Yeah, I used to have long mousy locks but now it's thinning out and mousy in patches" - Chris and Rachael A

"It's been nice gnawing Hugh." - Kev Hill

Say cheese - Anthony Ward

"Sheesh! Why couldn't I have found Frankie Cocozza?" - Linda F.

"If you want to get ahead.... get a head!" - Sandra Turner

"Hair today gone tomorrow" - Ian Howkins

"Hare to-day, gone tomorrow" - AnnG

"Hair today, tomorrow?" - Ray Sherman

"Hair today gone tomorrow-what lovely nesting material" - John Dye

"Right that's the top cut, now let's start on the sides." - Heather Maryson

"You know your natural environment is stuffed when you have to gather nesting materials from an alien source..." - Lisa Halton

"Did not think that mice eat fleas" - Stanley Bacon

"I'm looking "fur" somewhere to sleep, but this patch looks a bit bare. I'll have to think a-head and look fur-ther afield......." - Phillip Tricker

"Where's that sawdust gone?" - Alan R.

"I'm not to sure about this new Dandruff prevention" - Chris

"Short back & sides please" - Chris

Dicky Dora, the nit explorer. - Lorraine Smith

"mm this feels like good nesting material!" - Carol Hope

"There's got to be a nit in here somewhere!" - Penny George

"I wonder if it is difficult to dig a hole in here." - Rosemarie Parks

"I've got more fur than him." - Tony Lawton

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