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Caption Competition - Apr 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 Sandra Monk
Judges Choice

"Put it away, Jeffrey!" - Ally S.

Runners Up

"Does my bum look big in this?" - John B.

"You won't catch any fish with that!" - James Austen

"I bet you're wondering why I'm doing this." - M Glencross

"Yes, I know that's what the Angel of the North looks like." - Anne Hardwick

"C’mon give us a hug" - Deryn Hawkins

"Oh yeah, well the one I caught was this big mate!!" - Paul Mullane

"That's nothing. I caught one THIS big" - Julian A.

"It's true. The one I caught this morning was this long." - Don Matthews

"Honestly, it was this big but it got away" - Mike Skinner

"Now bird, beat that for perfection" - Neil J.

"I don't care how big it was" - Chris Nother

"The fish that got away was thissssss big" - John Dye

"The fish are as big as this here" - Janet Johnson

"Hoodies aren't really pests, but you are... give us a hug" - Antony Ward

"So, you want to become my apprentice?" asked Count Duckula - Ricardo S.

"Come-and-rant all you want. I'm not looking." - Maggie Storer

"...and when you reach zero, open your eyes and try to find me, (ha ha ha, you wish!)" - Steve King

"To infinity – and beyond!." "Impressive wingspan Buzz." - Clinton Hough

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