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Caption Competition - June 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 John Bonser
Judges Choice

"Heh heh, and they call it the Ooh Aah bird because it lays square eggs" - Oliver T.

Runners Up

"Squawk all you like. You got your foot stuck, you get it out" - Steve King

"Owwwwwwwwwww! I think I sat on one of the jagged rocks again, darling." - Richard S

"Oh, go on then. Give us a peck." - Alison Bruce-Stone

"Not fish n chips again!" - Carrie-Anne Bound

"Brighton again Mildred? I suppose it’s alright for the common gulls but we’ll be doing North Africa this year" - Clinton Hough

"Ha yeh you got to be gullible these Days havent you" - Alan G.

"No more food, I'm Full Ma" - Diane Smillie

"Can you see the fish bone stuck in the back there somewhere?" - Celia Lewis

"Yes well of course I heard the news from Kitti up on Gannet’s rock..." - Beryl Ladd

"Yes, now you come to mention it, your breath does smell of fish!" - Alan Kenworthy

"Does my breath smell?" - Bob Steel

"So I said to this bird I was dancing with, "do you want to have an egg with me?" - George Hill

"Because, my Mum says so...!" - Neil J.

"I'd like to fill you up with 4-star petrel baby!" - Earl of Troon

"Calm down . You 'avin a funny tern?" - Antony Ward

"If you were the only gull in the world, and I was the only bouy" - Mike P.

"Heard the latest 'scuttlebutt' about the Titanic?" - Lucille Allen

"What do you mean you don't like the view." - Ann G. Trowse,Norfolk

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