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Caption Competition - August 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 Susan Renaud
Judges Choice

"Ouch didn't see that coming" - Tommy Shannon

Runners Up

Doreen the damselfly found the peep-bo competition so much harder than the rest - David Harker

"Wow! This is such a good read" - Steve King

"I see no danger" - John Jones

"Nobody loves me! No one, not even my own mother!" - Errick Peterson

"I thought grass only did this to you if you smoked it." - David Birks

"Anyone for a round of golf?" - Susan Bloom

"Okay four eyes - back off!" - Maggie Storer

"Eye eye, what’s going on here then?" - Beryl L

"I can seeeeeee you!" - Robert H.

"The doctor said "Cough" and this is what happened!" - Ashley K. Howard

He hung along for dear life hoping that the cavalary would come along soon! - Yvonne Frost

"I only have eyes for you" - John Dye

"I said pass me a straw... are you taking the mick?" - Chris and Rachael A.

"I have my eyes on you all the time!" - Annie Giri

"With all this Rushing around I feel a damsel in distress" - A.Gibson, Derby

"This cold is getting worse... snot out of my nose, up my face!!!" - Chris and Rachael A.

"I'm so looking forward to this 100 metres final." - Antony Ward

"Great Olympic seats these our Emerald ~I can see the finishin' line with one eye and the Royal box with t'other" - Linda Wright

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