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Caption Competition - Oct 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 Elizabeth Close
Judges Choice

"No, no I'm okay, it's only cramp" - Janet Johnson

Runners Up

"Right - forward! We'll never win the 3-legged race at this rate!" - Sandra M Taylor

"Corr, what have you been eating?" - Tony Powell

"I wanted that bit; I'm totally ravenous!" - Julian, Norfolk

"Let me whisper!" - Ann Hutt

"I never was any good at the three legged race!" - M. Glencross. Norwich.

"My mam warned me about guys like you!" - Sandra Turner

"Oh dear - looks like a visit to the Ornithodentist for you!" - Mary Greenslade

"You keep crowing I'll punch your lights out got it." - Alan Gibson

"How can you be henpecked your not a chicken." - Julia Watkins

"That old black magic, never heared it sung better." - John Joones

"Come on, you must be able to see it now" - John D.

"Ughh! You've accidentally swallowed a worm. Just keep your mouth open, and it might wriggle out." - Steve King

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