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Caption Competition - Dec 2012

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Photo © Copyright 2012 Pam Higginson
Judges Choice

"I've seen bigger" - Janet Johnson

Runners Up

"WOW! Just what I need for the omelette" M. Glencross

That's just what I wanted - now I can watch Sky Movies - Bambi, even! - Julian Ashton

"At last a magic mushroom!" - Ray Sherman

"So that's what a stool from a toad looks like.  Should have used a pooper scooper" - John Dye

"Hey Ma - come and see what I've found" - Deryn Hawkins

"A fun guy? Getaway!" - Neil J.

"Hi Mum what's this?" - Ian Howkins

"Deerstalker" - Anthony Ward

"And Baby Deer said who's stool is this?" - Thalia

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