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Caption Competition - Mar 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Sandra Monk
Judges Choice

"Gee! What did you eat last night?" - Neil J.

Runners Up

"I wouldn't brag if I was you." - Deryn Hawkins

"I've seen it all before." - Maggie Storer

"I warned you not to get the deodorant and the hairspray mixed up!" - Lisa MacLeod

"Oops sorry I forgot to use the deodorant" - Julia W.

"I'm telling you, this is the lastest thing!" - Liz from Christchurch

"No good ranting about it Corm, your new waistcoat is very wet indeed." - Patrick Elsender

"Let's go elsewhere, this place is a dump" - Anthony Ward

"What is smart arse going for this time... forward somersault with pike?" - John Jones

"Keep watching I'm now going to do my backflip speciality" - John Dye

"You are mite free - NEXT!" - Ann Greenizan

"It's about time THAT child left home" - Ray Sherman

"I went to see that new film by Alfred Hitchcockerel; 'Humans' it was so scary, they just came from everywhere!" - Tony C.

"OK, OK I will go on 'How to Look Good Naked" - Julian, Norfolk

The One that Got Away: "Honestly, it was this big..." - Jane Foxon

"If you've got it, flaunt it." - Janet Johnson

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