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Caption Competition - Apr 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Sandra Monk
Judges Choice

"Any of you other goldfish wanna call me baldie?" - Rhys Gwynn

Runners Up

"Hey! I found a foot warmer." - Neil J.

This is my Goldfish, I found it and nobodies getting it! - A. Chippendale

"It's my Carrot get you own!" - J.Austen

"Got mine, where's yours?" - Janet Johnson

"And that is Good bye from "Springwatch Live" from Bourton on the Water" - Heather Webber

"Eh you over there stop throwing junk in here, we got to live in it" - A.Gibson Derby

"Kids dinners ready!" - Julia W

"Damn cormorants have splattered me again" - Antony Ward

"If anyone else calls me coot I'll just give them a boot!" - Julian of near Norwich

"Look everyone I've got nessy!! Quack! quackquackquackquack! Quack!! Moor is better." - Carole Cleverdon

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