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Caption Competition - May 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Paul Shaw
Judges Choice

"Great stilts, huh?" - Neil J.

Runners Up

"And for my next impression. .....Catherine wheel" - Simon D.

"Well Sampson did it!!!" - Angela C.Hogarth

"Ooops, mummy always told me I should keep my legs together!" - Daphne Layley

"You try doing the splits in this wind." - Carole C.

"Olympics here I come!" - Julia W.

"Wedge way do I go now?" - Antony W.

"This exercise my help me dance Swan Lake" - Heather W.

"Ninja Warrior - Jumping Spider.  Hah!  Can't see the problem!" - Clinton Hough

"Do I get a gold medal for the splits?" - John Dye

'I'm Alice Coo..... Oooo- er!' - Julian of near Norwich

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