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Caption Competition - June 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Chris Nother
Judges Choice

"Oh no, I've got a mole on my nuts" - Angela B.

Runners Up

Tufty must have had a terrible accident! - Julian (of near Norwich)

"I won't trust that sat-nav again" - Sandra Turner

"I must be getting old, where did I bury my nuts? - Sandra Monk

"They must think i'm nuts..." - Scott Bridger

This unfortunate squirrel seems to have a mole on the end of his nose - Steve King

"OK mole, come on out!" - Neil J.

"Come on Titchmarsh I know your in there!" - Tony C.

"My GPS definitely indicated this spot" - Bea Loots

"I’m sure I buried my acorns here" - John D.

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