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Caption Competition - July 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Dean Eades
Judges Choice

"Mum!  This costume is too big.  Can I go as a robot instead?" - Steve King

Runners Up

Stroke, stroke, stroke! - Simon D.

"FASTER!" - Angela O.

"Are we there yet?" - Neil J.

"MMUUMM are we their yet??!!" - Julia Watkins

"Two heads are better than one" - John D.

"I wanted a doctor but got taken in by a QUACK!" - Julian of (near) Norwich

"A piggy back! but mum I'm not a piggy." - M. Glencross

"Why should I get my feet wet?" - Janet Johnson

Sigourney Greber in her latest Promethius Fowl - Gill Hollands

"No more room – we’re full up on top" - Sandra Taylor

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