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Caption Competition - August 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Les Ryan
Judges Choice

"I want MOOOORE!!!" - Steve B.

Runners Up

"NOW CAN YOU HEAR ME?" - Peter Dewey

"But mam I want a burger!" - Simon D.

"One swallow and its gone!" - Steve P.

"I'm The Last of the Mohicans, get busy!!" - Julian of near Norwich

"No – I take the faecal sac from the other end!" - Sandra Taylor

"Come on catch me one this BIG!" - M. Glencross.

"Aw Mum you know I hate Pot Noodles and they are hard to 'Swallow'" - Patrick Elsender

"Please can I have some more?" - Ray Sherman

"I know I am a swallow but it is stuck in my throat" - John Dye

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