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Caption Competition - September 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 Gwilym Thomas
Judges Choice

"Waddya mean ya don't got da bread!" - Angela O.

Runners Up

"Step back from the water!" - Maggie Storer

"Now look me in the eyes and say I would look better in the oven" - John Dye

"Mirror mirror, on the wall" - Janet Johnson

"It's my new lipstick shade, COOL BLUE" - Ann Trowse, Norfolk

"Duck with the Golden eyes" (New Bond film) - Neil J.

"James Bond's got nothing on me you see, as i am the original ''GOLDENEYE'' !!!" - Mr A.Pearce, Fife

"Look into my eyes and I will hypnotize" - Julia W.

"Nosy! Eider good mind to shutter your Camera!" - Heather W.

"OK, so it's not clever to get half-covered in whitewash. Politicians are always doing it, aren't they?" Julian of near Norwich

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