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Caption Competition - November 2013

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Photo © Copyright 2013 G. Bradley
Judges Choice

"This wasn't in my Ladybird books!" - Julian of near Norwich

Runners Up

"Sorry dear, the zips stuck!" - Neil J.

"I ain't heavy I'm your brother" - Angela Hogarth

"Ooooh yeah, that's the spot." - Joanne R.

"This is a cover up, we've been spotted" - Janet Johnson

Being totally drunk helped John and Joan win the fancy dress competition as a pair of dice - Steve King

"Giddyup!" - Angela O.

"SURPRISE!" - Simon C.

"Oh do hurry up" - Ray Sherman

"Well, don't blame me. That's what it said in the Ladybird Book of Sex!" - Paul Jackson

"You are no lady" - John Dye

"Oooer... That's a bit hard... can we move to the grass? - Deryn Hawkins

What a (k)night in shining armour - John Jones

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