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Caption Competition - March 2014

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Photo © Copyright 2014 Sue Yannakopoulos
Judges Choice

Told you that tanning lotion was too strong - Janet Johnson

Runners Up

"I see stripes are back in fashion then" - Angela O.

"Do you think we'd make good book-ends?" - M. Glencross

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" - John Jones

"I've only got one kiss so which one is the prince?" - John Dye

"You often remind me of West Ham." "Cos I just keep my head above water?" "No. you look a bit like Sam Allardyce." - Julian near Norwich

"Are you trying to put the wind up me?!!" - Heather Woolley

"Eeeeer now then! It's a bit cold under bum" - Brian Wareham

"Frogs by birth-toady by reputation." - drmrs

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