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Caption Competition - September 2014

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Photo © Copyright 2014 Lynne Naylor
Judges Choice

"Yes, I can definitely see a fish bone there..." - Deryn H.

Runners Up


"There's no need to shout" - Janet Johnson

"You're going to need a filling" - Angela O.

"You know you told me not to poo in the sea well this time i did it on porpoise" - Simon D.

"Look here titch. This is my patch" - Beryl Ladd

"I knew going out with you wouldn't work" - Margaret of Mottram

"Oh Dear I’m up before the beak again" - John Dye

"UNEXPECTED ITEM IN SHAG AREA!" - Julian near Norwich

"FEED ME. FEED ME, Well I am a gannet." - M Glencross, norwich

"I wouldn't swallow me, if I were you - I'm razor sharp!" - Pam Higginson

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