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Caption Competition - October 2014

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Photo © Copyright 2014 Richard Harris
Judges Choice

"Yes, I feel in a rut too - it's good to talk." - Linda F.

Runners Up

"That was one hell of a stag party." - John Jones

"I've been a wild rover for many a year..." - Julian near Norwich

"Fenton ... Fen-ton, Fenn toonnn?" - Jay Garrett

"Fenton, Fenton oh Jesus Christ" - Simon D.

"We are in a "Rut" already and the EU want £1.7 Billion! "Aaaah!" - Heather W.

"Doh a deer a female deer - where have they all gone?" - John Dye

"Yawn Yawn Yawn, you told me all that yesterday" - Janet Johnson

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