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Caption Competition - November 2014

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Photo © Copyright 2014 G. Bradley
Judges Choice

The practice run for the 4-duck bobsleigh was a virtual success - Julian near Norwich

Runners Up

Christmas Quackers - John Dye

"These inspections are boring!" - Neil J.

"I went to the front because I happen to LIKE Brussels sprouts." - Linda F.

"Eyes front, pretend you haven't seen him" - Janet J.

"Stick together girls, he's not called Randy for nothing you know" - Margaret, Mottram

"After passing Colonel Drake the troops keep a tight and orderly formation" - Heather Webber

Duck, line and sinker - Simon D.

"Who's been eating my porridge?" - Cliff Powell

"Keep your heads down you fools, the Bismarck could be very close!" - Tony Chippendale

Can't see that dog anywhere this year, what was his name .... Fenton? - Deryn Hawkins

Their white faces are enough to make them blush with embarrassment - M. Glencross

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